About Us

Established in 2001 as a successor of the existing company in Germany founded earlier.

With a clear strategy and phylosophy, alfa.i has developed and took place among the greatest construction companies in Kosovo and the region. 

The mission and vision of the company was clear from the beginning: to create a specialized, qualified and competent company that offers and implements services with higher standards than what current market offers with the intention to educate and elevate the quality of services.

Since the beginning alfa.i took the leading role in the Water Sector, by offering the latest technology applied in the developed countries in water treatment and safe distribution of drinking water according to international standards.

The desire and strong willpower of our company to establish a high quality company ….., would not have been possible without our professional staff who expertise in the relevant fields, therefore alfa.i has invested in human resources to create a specialized team with great experience in:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Management in Infrastructure
  • Management in Construction Projects
  • Architecture
  • Cost evaluation
  • Design / Operation / Construction
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Supply and Treatment of drinking water
  • Construction of Water Supply Systems
  • Construction of Sewerage Systems
  • Treatment of wastewater
  • Rehabilitim të liqeneve dhe lumenjve
  • Environmental protection
  • Spatial planning
  • Supply with hydrotechnic material
  • Construction and Refurbishment of buildings
  • Feasibility Studies

Thanks to our clients from public and private sector whom entrusted our company proves our quality, creativity and devotion.